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    【#英語資源# 摘要】在雪花飄舞的冬天里,我們迎來了圣誕,圣誕節是一個熱鬧非常的節日,圣誕節里還有著許多的傳說。:作文地帶為大家準備了以下內容,希望對大家有幫助。


      Christmas is the happiest thing for our family every year, because we can get the gift he wants most on that day.

      I thought: "this year's Christmas must be different from previous years. One is to fulfill my wish for an old man next to my house, and the other is to go out and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere." I am a child of a peasant family. My father came home to farm this autumn and came back very late. I am hungry and afraid. Just then, the neighbor's grandfather came to me, asked why, took me to his house, had dinner, and arranged to do my homework at his house.

      I was deeply moved by this event and thought I would thank him for the opportunity. When Christmas came, my father took me to the mall and the park. I don't know. Christmas is so beautiful! There are beautiful Santa Claus in different shapes. Happy Christmas songs can be heard everywhere, which makes people feel like the new year. The atmosphere is no worse than that of the Spring Festival.!

      After visiting the streets and parks with my father, I came to a shopping mall and bought a tower shaped Santa Claus with my pocket money. It is very beautiful. Its small lights are like twinkling stars in the sky and colorful small lanterns. They are very beautiful! Give it to the old man who cares about me on Christmas Eve. Give the old man a surprise and let him share the happiness of Christmas with us. I think this Christmas makes me the happiest and happiest Christmas.


      The day before the beautiful Christmas, I wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him to give me a Christmas gift, a beautiful princess skirt.

      After writing the letter, I put it on the balcony excitedly. One day later, the letter was quietly taken away. I was very excited and looked forward to receiving the gift soon. After waiting for two long days, I found a packaged princess dress on the balcony. When I was very excited to open the package, I found that it was a good and beautiful dress. It was my favorite pink. There was a layer of soft wool on the collar and two small hairy thread balls tied on the belt. I couldn't wait to put it on and try it on. It was very suitable in size. I looked like a real little princess in the mirror.

      Wearing beautiful clothes, my mind is full of magical fantasies: Santa Claus must be a very kind and lovely old man. On this festival, he rides a beautiful float, pulled by two divine deer, loaded with all kinds of Christmas gifts. He starts from his place of residence, Rovaniemi, Finland, and sends gifts to people all the way. How hard should he be, And how happy people feel!

      I once complained about why Santa Claus gave me gifts three days after I wrote a letter. Later, I thought, maybe Santa Claus drove around the supermarket three times and didn't buy gifts. He found the princess skirt the fourth time; It may also be that his magic is not good enough and he has practiced his divine power for three days before he changes the princess skirt I want.

      In order to meet people's wishes, Santa Claus takes pains to bring happiness to people. In addition to thanking him, I should also study hard and be a happy child. And, from now on, I also want to be a happy messenger, learn to help others, help classmates and friends, help teachers and family, and bring them happiness!


      I have a friend who was given to me by my mother on children's day. It is Santa Claus.

      Santa Claus is an eraser. He has a red hat, a red nose, red clothes, red trousers and a large white beard. It is characterized by obesity, so it is much heavier than other rubbers. It is much shorter than sister ruler, only seven or eight millimeters. It is really indescribable.

      Let me tell you a little secret. Do you want to hear it? Well, I tell you, but I can't tell Santa Claus! Every time, when I write wrong words, Santa Claus runs crazy to me like an emergency. The fat meat on the beer belly swings up and down. It looks ridiculous. When it flew to my homework book, it was very tired. But it kicked out the wrong words as usual and asked me to rewrite them. I only wrote them again with kindness and unwillingness. When my words are crooked, it will fall from the sky and sweep away the ugly words. Like a great Xia, it's a pity that fat meat perfectly destroys Santa's handsome. When my handwriting is very good, Santa can only stay with the stationery box commander. But he was not sad, but looked at me with a smile, like saying, "keep it!" but he never forgot to come out to see me.

      It has been with me for several years. I want to love and protect it, because it is my forever friend. I'll try my best to write well, or I won't be able to keep its beer belly!


      In my study, I still keep a bear, which is my 6-year-old Christmas memory.



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