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    【#英語資源# 摘要】在西方,圣誕是一個特別重要的日子,每次一到圣誕節,圣誕大餐、圣誕老人、圣誕禮物都是必不可少的構成。如今圣誕節在中國也十分流行,每到這天,大街小巷熱鬧非凡。:《作文地帶》整理的內容,希望對你們有幫助!


      In the evening, go shopping with my mother; Walking on the busiest road, every store door is decorated with a beautiful Christmas tree, and even Santa Claus! And the rising and falling Christmas bells also ring in my ears from time to time; The pace of Christmas is approaching again! Although Christmas is the "new year" of Westerners, in this happy atmosphere, we are also full of hope that a white bearded old man will send me "Christmas gifts".

      My Christmas present last year was a schoolbag. What about this year? What could it be? In fact, the Christmas gift I want most is to get a witch's "magic wand". Because I hope every corner of the world is "heaven". If I can get the magic wand, then I will fulfill their dreams for everyone who makes a wish, and everyone in the world can be happy every day! Of course, it's greedy to ask for such gifts, so I hope at least everyone around me can live a happy life. Dad, you can change a new car. Mom, you can lose weight successfully. What about me? Don't be scolded by your father and mother. I think this is the gift I want most!

      Although our wishes may not come true, we are already very happy with enough food and warm clothes! So we should help people in trouble more; More importantly, we should take good care of the earth at the same time, so that we can spend more Christmas on this beautiful earth.


      Today, Friday is Christmas. Our class held activities to celebrate Christmas and welcome the new year.

      At noon, the teacher invited more than 10 students to draw pictures related to Christmas on the blackboard. First, draw a gift belt. The colors of the gift belt are various, including red and yellow, with several small wheels on it. The deer is painted in the lower right corner. It is a little fat. There is a theme of class 402 in the middle, and a Christmas tree is painted in the center of the class meeting.

      First of all, wow, we have to play the hug of love. The rule is that the host said that when the hug of love is a few, several people will hug together, and the rest will go out. In the first round, I was not invited, but the two people we live in are very strong, but we didn't go out until the last few rounds. In the second round, our group invited four people up, one of whom was me. We started. First of all, we boys held together, and so did the girls. Again and again, there were only four people left. It was my deskmate and the host on the 15th that we held together. After the host's judgment, my deskmate and I won.

      After several rounds of competition, our group won. We all had a good time this Christmas.


      I look forward to Christmas because it will give me unexpected surprises. I can receive gifts from Santa Claus, such as a white sheep as snow, a snowman with a round head and a tearful Doraemon. It seems that I want to cry something with me.

      I was so excited that I couldn't sleep on Christmas night. I'm looking forward to tonight's gift. Later, grandma said, "you should go to bed quickly, so that Santa Claus will send you the gifts early." after listening, I obediently closed my eyes and fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up and looked for a gift in bed. When I couldn't find it, I cried. My grandmother heard my cry and came over and asked me what happened. I said sadly, "Santa didn't give me a gift. I'll wait until Santa gave me a gift before I go to bed." my grandmother turned out a little yellow duck from behind my feet. It's fat and yellow, Click on its belly, the little yellow duck will cry; "Gaga" is so cute! I burst into laughter.

      Last year, my mother told me that there is no Santa Claus in the world, but I still believe that Santa Claus still exists. I really look forward to what Santa Claus will give me this year.


      When the birds are dreaming in the nest and the earth is still rubbing their bleary eyes, I have hurried into the school with a large bag of food. Because today our class will hold a "Christmas Carnival" party.

      When we entered the classroom, the students were fully prepared. We didn't find that our class was a place of crouching tigers, hidden dragons. The versatile students showed their own skills: the dancer Wu Yuqing had carefully planned the national dance; the crosstalk master Yan Yibing also created a unique campus crosstalk; the story King Tian Daijie had also selected a moving story, several of them The painting master drew many snowflakes, balloons and triangular flags on the blackboard. Snowflakes were flying, balloons were rising, and colored flags were fluttering. The classroom immediately had a warm and festive atmosphere. In order to give a wonderful performance, the students in our class were busy.



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